How Nanodream Works

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Standard Pillow Case Microfibre Fabric Nanodream Pillow Lining


Under a microscope, you can see the strands of conventional fibres used in standard pillow cases, which easily allow dust mites (approx 300micron in size, and thier droppings, approx 30 microns in size) migration.

Standard microfibre fabric is made up of much finer strands of fibre, yet still not small or dense enough to prevent dust mite migration.


The Nanodream electrospun nanofibre layer is so dense it creates a natural barrier to dust mites and spores through size exclusion.Our results are only achievable with nanofibre – fibres 500 x thinner than a human hair.

Nanodream Pillow Liner Banner


Key to Nanodream Filtration Efficiency