Nanofibre Information

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The Nanodream Nanofibres come in the form of a non-woven textile, laminated between two outer layers.Through a process called electrospinning, Revolution Fibres produces extremely fine fibres (typically 300nm) – defined as Nanofibres – so microscopic they keep out even the smallest of allergy causing dust mites. Proudly NZ made using cutting edge NZ innovation. 
(Revolution Fibres, Supreme Winner NZ Innovation Awards 2012)
The fibres are extremely long (measured in metres), and tightly bound to each other to form a dense, lightweight fabric.
These are NOT nanoparticles and cannot become airborne or inhaled and are made of medically-approved, non hazardous polymers, infused with the goodness of manuka extract to ward off bacteria and allergens.
Nanofibre Breathable Layer

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