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What is SAN-AIR?

SAN-AIR is the original air treatment product. SAN-AIR is made in Australia from biodegradable materials, using 100% Certified Organic Ingredients at levels that are safe for people but highly effective against mould and bacteria. SAN-AIR can be used to eliminate air borne bacteria, mould and fungus in any environment where air is recirculated (any encosed/ indoor air space).

An indoor air space can be affected by several factors, from excessive numbers of co-occupants to inadequate ventilation. Any factor can initiate build up of mould and bacteria and when these get to a certain level then people start getting sick. SAN-AIR is the solution to this problem.

How does SAN-AIR work?

SAN-AIR evaporates slowly and in a short period of time comes into contact with the airborne dust particles and pollen which carry the bacteria and mould. These particles eventually contaminate your indoor space and affect your immune system. This contact with SAN-AIR causes the bacteria to die off and the mould to dry up, even down to the root system which usually embeds in the surface where the mould is growing.

Where can SAN-AIR be used?

SAN-AIR products can be used in any enclosed air environment (where air is re-circulated).
SAN-AIR can be used in the home (wardrobes, shoe storage, kitchen), work place, car, boat, caravan, agricultural machinery, in fact anywhere mould and bacteria can potentially build up.
Commercially SAN-AIR is used in air conditioning installations, in cool rooms, refrigeration, and many other similar applications.

SAN-AIR can reduce your chances of catching colds and flu from other people in enclosed living or working conditions. When you use SAN-AIR, the shared air space will get a good treatment of all bioburden, reducing the chances of person to person contamination.

SanAir and the Environment
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